“I have trained with Matt for 9 months. I tried several different trainers at my local gym over the years and had pretty much given up on finding the right one for me. Matt was understanding regarding my previous experiences as well as my time limitations. He has provided me with workouts while I’ve been away tailored to what is available to me. He has never pushed me beyond my abilities and I have never gotten injured, yet he encourages me to do things I have never done. My body has changed beyond what I expected or hoped for. I am stronger now than at any other time in my life. I  now love to work out. The result is its own reward!”

~ Samantha F.

“Matt has been my instrumental as my trainer in gaining back my health as result of a medical transplant and several major surgeries. I have gained part of my life back and my doctors are happy!”

~ John M.

“Matt is the reason I fell in love with working out and I can never thank him enough for that.”

~ Alyssa G.

“I learned so much over the course of just a few months!”

~ Andre G.

Personal Training Client Testimonials